Facebook Messenger 2.1: An AI Powered Platform for Online Sellers

Facebook Messenger 2.1: An AI Powered Platform for Online Sellers

Anybody who sells on Facebook knows how vital Facebook Messenger is. Likewise, Facebook obviously sees this and working to improve their already existing chat bot feature (which ijual provides).

Facebook hopes to simplify the selling process for the ever-growing amount of merchants on their platform whilst maintaining to be friendly & compatible with third parties solutions.

Facebook just announced it has improved its Messenger Platform after listening to its business partners and developer community.

Ijual Chatbot in action.

With Facebook Messenger Platform 2.1, which comes just a little after three months of 2.0’s release, the company has been focusing on improving its AI and chatbots.

But the Chatbot Feature is Still a Long Way

Currently, the Messenger Chatbot is relatively manual and is still barebones.

It is no surprise that a company of Facebook’s stature is working to implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve their service to make it seem more natural.

Luke Starbuck, VP of Marketing at Linc, explains, “The company says the new tools will allow developers to build Messenger experiences to drive business objectives.” 

“For brands looking to strengthen their customer experience and care efforts before the holiday season, the updates couldn’t come soon enough.”

“This is because AI and bots are now being used more and more to answer customer questions.”

“Brands that personalize and automate their customer care to give shoppers what they want will be the winners this year through retention, delivery cost and revenue benefits to the business.”

“The opportunity for brands to connect with their shoppers more closely is there for the taking.”

Moving Forward

Right now, Facebook Messenger requires some form of manual setup for their chat bot.

Instead, you can sign up for ijual to have a simple chat bot to automate your sales without having to do any setup.

Let the bot handle any customers who contact you through Messenger. This will help you save your time to better manage your business!

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